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Is it the wine that is intoxicating, or is it just their glossy nylons?

two ladies share an intimate moment in glossy pantyhose

Today I ran across this glorious picture on the Glossy Pantyhose Tumblr Blog that I just had to share. Few details are available, but it would appear that the lady on the right is perhaps wearing a lovely pair of sparkly Falke Seidenglatt 15 Denier Panty- hose in their tasty dark tan shade called “Brasil” while her girlfriend (on the left) is wearing nylons that are similar to Pretty Polly’s Italia Ultra Sheer Glossy Pantyhose in an elegant shade of nude. Isn’t it wonderful what two ladies will do on an intimate evening together, enjoying the warmth of the red wine, delighting in the ultra-feminine silky sensuousness of fine glossy hosiery?

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